What Not to do on New Car Sales Shop

(along with a few tips about what TO do)

If Jeff Gordon were a mystery shopper on an automotive mystery shop for BestMark, he probably would not have done very well performing his shop. To begin, Jeff Gordon did wait to be greeted by the salesperson but did not allow for open ended questions to be asked to determine his needs in a new vehicle. He also did not present a scenario for the salesperson to work with! Not much can be said about the salesperson’s pitch aside from being worried about his merchandise. While on the test drive Jeff may have also done a few things wrong. We, at BestMark, recommend that you do not speed while you are on your test drive. We also recommend that you do not whip donuts around traffic during your test drive either. Lastly, whipping donuts in the dealership’s car lot is frowned upon. As the salesperson said, “You’re going to wreck this car and you are liable for it if you wreck it.”  We are afraid that you may not have the training that a professional race car driver has.  Aside from all of the driving infractions that Jeff Gordon inflicted during his test drive, the biggest problem with his ‘shop’ is that he revealed himself at the end!

BestMark offers thousands of new car sales shops across the country that you can sign up for today. When you are signed up to complete an auto sales shop, you should arrive at the dealership on your assigned date and during your assigned timeframe. You should enter the showroom / sales area and begin to browse the vehicles while you wait to be greeted. You must wait at least 5 minutes for assistance. If after 5 minutes you have not been offered assistance by a salesperson, you MUST request assistance. Once you have been offered assistance, you should present your general need regarding a specified vehicle to the salesperson. You should go through the sales experience maintaining the scenario that best fits your real-life situation (e.g looking for a large truck that can pull your new boat, looking for a vehicle for your expanding family, looking for a vehicle that has off-roading capabilities for when you go mountain goat hunting, etc.). Just make sure to allow the salesperson the chance to asked open-ended questions to determine and explore your vehicle needs. Make sure you are prepared to answer questions like your name, current vehicle, price range, your expected timing of a new vehicle purchase, if you are looking to trade-in a vehicle, if gas mileage is important, leasing and financing options, and what you will mainly be using your car for. For new car sales shops with BestMark, if you are offered a test drive you do not need to accept, but you are more than welcome to.  Just don’t do donuts in the parking lot.

Some other information to keep in mind while conducting your shop is: when you are being greeted, be sure to note how long you waited to be acknowledged or how long it took to receive assistance. Notice the salesperson’s appearance and the salesperson’s body language. When you are with the salesperson, take note if the salesperson asked open ended questions, asked where you are in the vehicle shopping process, described features and options, offered a test drive, promoted the service department and recommended at least one vehicle that met your needs. During the closing process you will want to note if the salesperson provided you with a written offer, explained leasing and financing options, asked for the sale, attempted to overcome obstacles, requested your contact information, offered future assistance and offered a sincere thank you or parting remark. You will also want to take note of the appearance of the customer lounge, if signage is present, and the appearance of the facility as a whole. Lastly, make sure you have fun, just not as much fun as Jeff Gordon did!

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