Mystery Shopping: Free Automotive Service

If you had the opportunity to stop paying out of pocket for car maintenance and other services you regularly pay for, would you take advantage of it?  If you were paid to provide feedback about your customer experiences at local establishments that directly affect future training and development of that company, would you offer your voice?

BestMark is a partner to many of the world’s leading companies.  We build programs that help these companies recognize the link between creating memorable customer experiences and driving loyalty, advocacy, retention and future sales.  Our dedicated team of mystery shoppers, auditors, merchandisers and exit interviewers complete the evaluations and receive reimbursements and cash payments for providing their feedback.

View this video to find out how you, your friends, and family members can start saving and earning cash from becoming a shopper!

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What are our shoppers saying?

“I love that I have saved over $300 in oil changes and tire rotations over the past three years and have received a cumulative $150 in cash payments on top of the reimbursements! Whenever my vehicle is in need of servicing, I check the BestMark shops board to see if there are any auto service shops I can sign up for.  BestMark provides me with the information I should be evaluating while at the dealership, I go get the service, and come home to complete the survey and upload my receipt.  It’s as easy as that!” ~ Alex M. – Wayzata, MN

“My wife and I had made a New Year’s resolution that we would begin cutting back our eating-out costs.  Because we love trying new restaurants (and because both of us don’t like to cook :) ) it has been quite the challenge to not go out to eat as often as we had in the past!  We have eaten out a total of 35 times in the past year, 15 of which have been restaurant mystery shops with BestMark.  We calculated that, with just those 15 restaurant mystery shops, we were reimbursed a total of $500.  I think that next year’s New Year’s resolution will be to sign up for as many mystery shops as we can!” ~ Ron B. – Houston, TX

“When I first became a shopper, I still had a full-time day job and did mystery shopping as supplemental income on weeknights and weekends when I had free time.  I am now back in school for my Masters and have a bit more free time, and am starting to mystery shop more.  I did not realize how many opportunities I have to receive reimbursements for services that I already need and buy on a consistent basis.  Do I go to the grocery store?  Yes.  Do I get my hair cut?  Yes.  Do I go out to eat?  Yes.  Do I get my car serviced?  Yes.  These are all opportunities for me to save and make money, just for filling out the online surveys about my experiences.” ~ Hashim G. – Sacramento, CA

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