Hotels win customers and build loyalty in part with quality facilities and amenities, but making a lasting impression also requires stellar service that exceeds guests'’ expectations. BestMark’s proprietary hotel mystery shopping helps you train your employees to “wow” guests time and time again.

BestMark's existing hotel clients love the positive impact our mystery shops have had on employee engagement, service, and customer satisfaction. BestMark hotel mystery shopping offers unparalleled value because we utilize a proprietary behaviors-based survey format which allows our clients to see exactly what went right and what went wrong at the moment of truth when guests come into contact with hotel personnel.

Our surveys are tailored to address each client's unique standards and transcend the typical Likert scale format. BestMark's customized methodology provides a comprehensive report with extensive story-like narrative that details every aspect of the shopper's visit, from making the initial reservation over the phone through check-in and check-out.

BestMark mystery shops are designed to replicate realistic situations and obstacles faced by normal guests every day.

For example, instructing shoppers to pose a problem or make a request to a staff member and capturing how the employee responds is a valuable way to gain detailed insight about how guests are treated. Shops can also include evaluations of food and service at an on-site restaurant and/or require a room service component.

It is critical to realize that a great opportunity exists to be seen by customers as different - and better - than the competition by focusing on customer service and the overall guest experience.

When aligned properly with other measurement and management tools, mystery shopping results can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future revenue. A mystery shopping program managed by BestMark will help your hotel focus and improve on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact occupancy rates and profitability.

The BestMark Advantage - Lodging / Hotel Mystery Shopping

As one of the nation’s first mystery shopping companies, BestMark made significant contributions to legitimizing mystery shopping as a powerful research tool, and we pride ourselves on continually leading and changing the landscape of the mystery shopping industry. We understand operations, technology, and research, and we know what it takes to manage a phenomenally successful mystery shopping program:

Examples of hotel-related questions we can answer:

BestMark programs enable our hotel clients to:

No matter what your objectives, we will partner with you to develop a program that will provide actionable results using state-of-the-art technologies and proven shop methodologies.

Actionable Insight for Hotel and Lodging Professionals

Collecting and aligning data only provides value if that information is actually used to improve performance at each location, so it is critical that the data is useful at the operator level. With that in mind, BestMark created GuestLink™, a proprietary web-based reporting system that allows clients to create, update and track data at all levels within the organization for performance feedback and coaching.

BestMark clients are also able to dynamically create ad hoc reports on the fly and update customized "Action Plans." When managers of customer-facing employees directly access shop results via GuestLink™, coaching and recognition (as well as solutions selling reinforcement) can occur at the front lines almost immediately.

GuestLink™ Customer Experience Intelligence Features