Panels and Focus Group Services

Get Insightful Answers from Your Customers.

How It Works

BestMark — one of the nation’s leading market research companies — offers expert focus group services. When you partner with us, you gain access to a huge panel of field representatives who can give you valuable feedback about your products, services, marketing initiatives, loyalty programs and more.

Fast, Affordable Focus Group Services

Arranging a full focus group can be expensive and provide a small sample size. When you partner with us, we’ll develop a market research program that makes it possible for you to get quick online feedback about your brand, products, services and more.

Focus Group Formats to Meet Your Needs

We’re equipped to conduct focus groups in person, online and over the course of a few minutes to several days. Whether you need quick answers or insights generated from in-depth, open discussions, BestMark is here to help you.

Program Benefits

Benefit from access to moderators who are skilled in exploring the concepts and ideas about your company, products, services or brand that most interest you. We’ve led groups with the following audiences, to name a few:

  • Millennials / GenX / GenZ / Baby Boomers
  • Healthcare professionals / patients
  • Shoppers (e.g., auto, retail, grocery, fitness)
  • Employees (e.g., engineers, IT managers, architects)
  • Users (e.g., smartphones, websites, applications)
  • Financial advisors / insurance agents
  • Travelers

Tell Us About Your Project

We’re standing by to support you with focus group services that meet your needs, so you can better meet the needs of your customers and — ultimately — increase sales and success.