As government tobacco regulation has tightened, retailers are being asked to increase training efforts and improve screening of minors at the point-of-purchase. BestMark partners with clients to implement tobacco auditing and compliance programs that deliver results and protect your reputation.

We simply have more auditors in more places and the efficiency to offer you feedback faster than the competition. Our certified and tested tobacco regulation audit specialists will uncover the reality of whether or not your stores are in compliance with policy regulations or with the expectations you set for marketing and promotional efforts.

We get you results quickly and have the capacity to audit just a few or thousands of your sites. Our specialties include:

The BestMark Advantage - ֠Tobacco Regulation Compliance Audits

With more than 30 years of experience, it’s no wonder BestMark leads the industry in tobacco regulation compliance audits. We understand operations, technology, and research, and we know what it takes to implement an exceedingly effective auditing program:

Benefits of a BestMark Tobacco Compliance Program

Actionable Insight into your Tobacco Compliance Auditing Program

Audit results will only provide value if that data is actually used to improve conditions at the location, so it is critical that the data is useful at the operator level. With that in mind, BestMark created GuestLink٬ a proprietary web-based reporting system that allows clients to create, update and track data at all levels within the organization.

BestMark clients are also able to dynamically create ad hoc reports on the fly and update customized "Action Plans." With store managers directly accessing audit results via GuestLink,٬issue resolution can occur at the front lines almost immediately.

In addition, our auditors can share the audit results on-site with your location management to bring their attention to any issues that need immediate attention.